Frequently Asked Questions

With the Lagotto being a rare breed we are asked lots of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

1) Does the Lagotto shed?

In a word, no. The Lagotto is a non-shedding breed. Due to that fact it is a breed that needs periodic grooming to keep them looking their best. However, it is a rustic breed and its appearance should reflect that. No poodle clips here!


2) Is the Lagotto good with kids?

Yes and no. Our Lagotto have done amazingly well in families with kids, but one of our main principles of breeding is to place a great deal of weight on temperament. So, yes, our Lagotto are great with kids.


3) Is the Lagotto hypoallergenic?

No breed of dog can be guaranteed to be 100% hypoallergenic, but the Lagotto rates high on the list of breeds that does well with people who suffer from allergies. Given its medium size, and our dogs fabulous temperaments, many of our puppies have found wonderful homes with people who suffer from allergies.


4) Does the Lagotto require much grooming?

Due to the Lagotto's non-shedding coat it does require regular trips to the groomer for clipping to keep it looking the best. Brushing your puppy on a regular basis will help keep the mats away!


5) Does the Lagotto have special dietary requirements?

Some Lagotto seem to have an intolerance for grains. This isn't a big deal for us since we feed and highly recommend feeding a RAW or BARF diet. If you are unable to feed a raw diet we recommend Nature's Variety Instinct brand kibble. It is grain free and one of the best kibbles on the market and is available in most specialty Pet Stores. Nature's Variety also makes a "complete" raw diet in easy to serve cubes.


6) How much exercise does the Lagotto require?

In our experience, and the experience of our puppy buyers, the Lagotto is quite adaptable to its environment. If you are looking for a jogging partner he will run right along with you. If you are more laid-back and looking for a couch-buddy you will find your Lagotto more than willing to join you! More than anything they want to please you and adapt to you and your life quite well. We do recommend, however, regular exercise for the overall health of your Lagotto.


7)What health issues affect the Lagotto?

Overall, the Lagotto is a healthy breed and live roughly 16 years. There are a few health considerations, however. One is hip dysplasia, and that is why all of our breeding stock is screened and reviewed by orthopedic specialists.

Another issue is Benign Juvenile Epilepsy. It causes seizures in puppies between 5 to 9 weeks of age and usually resolves itself spontaneously by 8 to 13 weeks.

The other main concern is Cerebral Anomaly. It shows up in puppies between 5-7 weeks of age and usually self-corrects before 8-10 weeks of age. The actual mode of inheritance at this time is unknown and there is some evidence that it may in fact be a form of Benign Juvenile Epilepsy. We have been fortunate to not have produced any affected puppies.





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